planning a great girls' getaway.

In May, I traveled with my bestie {ch} to Charleston, South Carolina. In true summer craziness, I'm just now getting around to sharing the pictures. She and I also gathered a few great tips for planning a girls' getaway that we discovered along the way.

1) Sometimes, over-planning is the death of fun. Create a list of the things you want to see and do together. Figure out what's most important--be it food, museums, shopping, etc. Now, cut that list in half. You want to be able to enjoy the time with your friends--not feel like you're a slave to your travel to-do list.

2) {ch} and I prioritized food on our little getaway. We started plotting out which places we had to hit and then figured out whether or not they accepted reservations. Many places use OpenTable and we started stalking {literally} when reservations opened up on the dates we were in town. It worked to our favor! We scored great reservations at some busy spots {like Husk and FIG} and enjoyed every bite.

3) Don't be afraid to spend a little time alone, even on a girls' getaway.
Example: I enjoy a morning run and {ch} loves her morning coffee.
Problem: I am not a coffee drinker and {ch} is not partial to running.
Solution: We both head out for our favorite morning adventures solo.
 We meet back at our hotel room, ready for the rest of the day together :)

4) Be on the same page about how much you're willing to spend. Money isn't always a fun thing to discuss with your friends, but setting clear expectations on your budget makes it easier for both parties involved. If you're not on the same page, it makes sense to discuss it before you leave--rather than feeling like you're getting jipped or overspending.

5) Whether you're planning a week or weekend away, getting a date on the books with a few months to plan is ideal. I love spontaneous trips as much as the next person, but when airfare for multiple people is involved, it's a different story. The longer you wait, it is easy for last minute flight costs to add up and for hotels to be full, so lock down a date to avoid any unnecessary costs.

6) You're on vacation. Make it feel that way. Do your best to check out of work {or school} as much as humanly possible. If you're a blogger, plan out your posts in advance. Vacation email responses will be your best friend and buy a bit of understanding from people who may need you {who aren't on vacation}.

7) Do a quick search to see if anything big is on the calendar where you're headed. We discovered that the Spoleto Festival would be in full swing during our visit, which put friendly pressure on us to book flights and our hotel. With some extra hustle and bustle in town, {ch} and I also got to see Charleston at its finest.

8) Dinners took priority in our planning, but don't forget about lunch and breakfast too! Even if food isn't top on your list, do some research to find the best spots for your earlier meals. While in Charleston, we loved Butcher & Bee and Two Boroughs Larder. Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island was yummy too!

9) Excursions by car {like ours to Boone Hall Plantation and Sullivan's Island} help break up lots of city walking. Charleston is super walkable, but a little car time helped us rest up a bit.

{Our photographer missed our feet and the humidity was crazy, so pardon the peg legs and big/frizzy hair.}

10) Make the most of every minute, whether it is spent getting ready for a fun night out or taking in the view with your best friend{s} by your side. Our lives won't always be as easily to align, so we make the most of it while life is still pretty simple. Does it mean we won't take girls' trips when we are crazy with our kiddos or when we are old and gray? Absolutely not. They'll just be a little different ;)

What tips would you add when planning out your next girls' getaway? xoxo {av}


  1. Isnt it amazing there? Excellent tips! So many places I wanted to try in our short weekend so we are planning on going back next year:)

  2. Great tips and the photos are stunning! I need to make my way to Charleston, so so beautiful!

  3. wonderful tips. I'm now very inspired to plan a little vacation with some friends!

  4. That's a great tip about agreeing on a budget! I've had friends turn down opportunities to travel with other friends because one needed to budget and the other one didn't have money concerns, so talking about it ahead of time is definitely important.

  5. looks like a great trip!! i really want to go to charleston!

  6. Your pictures made me want to take a little trip before school starts! I like the tips too!

  7. Thanks so much for these tips! I'm going away with my girl friends tomorrow and it was great to get in the mindset of a getaway!

    xo, gina

  8. This is so much fun! My best friend and I actually want to plan a ladies' road trip around the south (first stop - Charleston! It's where she's from), and these are great tips! I love the idea of spending a little time apart in the mornings. It probably helps your sanity :)

  9. Charleston looks so pretty. I'm so close I need to go soon!

  10. Hi, I'm new to your blog, I found it on Treasure Tromp. Love your pics. I will send this link to my bff. We plan get-aways whenever we can!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  11. Seriously great tips! I love tip #3- alone time is nice even on a girls' getaway! Thanks for sharing!
    Simply Akshara

  12. Great tips! This makes me want to plan a girls trip asap. Love your blog!