the cure for anything.

I grew up in the middle of America, far from the ocean. Four years ago, {cv} and I moved north to the Ocean State. As a Midwesterner, I'm just as surprised as you that I ended up in New England, but with each passing year, it feels more and more like home. The salty air agrees with me.

I sometimes forget what a luxury it is to live close to the ocean, but I'm quickly reminded whenever we have visitors. When you see the water every day, it loses its luster somehow. In the eyes of someone who doesn't see it, you catch a glimpse of why it is so special. It may also be at the root of why I love this quote from Isak Dinesen, submitted by one of my readers. 

The cure for anything really is salt water--of any variety. Be it a good long run, a cry on your
best friend's shoulder, or a fun beach vacation, it has a way of truly cleansing the soul.

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