the easiest guacamole recipe ever.

I am constantly looking for ways to tackle my picky palate. Avocados worked their way onto my "acceptable" list in recent years. My restaurant guac consumption generally requires close attention to avoid onions--one of the few foods I won't touch with a ten-foot pole. This left me wondering how I could find a way to enjoy guacamole without a crazy onion invasion. Enter this three-ingredient guacamole recipe, featuring two avocados, one lime and a few sprigs of basil. I know most people don't think of basil when they think of guacamole, but I promise it will blow your mind.

Our simple recipe got its roots in this Bon Appétit recipe, but {cv} and I have taken a few creative liberties with it. We subbed the lemon for a lime and skipped the shallots. {Full disclosure: we did try it with the shallots once and it wasn't terrible. I just didn't love the texture.} This easy guacamole recipe is on heavy rotation in our apartment--and it will take all of five minutes to make, if that. Here's how:

In true guacamole fashion, take the skins off your avocados and place all the green goodness in a bowl. From there, juice the lime into the same bowl. Take off the basil leaves, chop finely, and then add it to the mix. Use the back of your fork to make the magic happen. Combine until you get a smooth-ish consistency and you're in business. We eat this basil lime guacamole goodness with our favorite Red Hot Blues

How do you jazz up your guacamole? 
If you try this recipe, let me know--I want to hear if you like it too!


  1. I took a cue from your instagram last night and added basil to our guacamole! Delicious! I also like to add mango!!

  2. oh i'm with you - i HATE onions. especially in guac. i usually add some cilantro to mine, but basil would be delicious. good tip!

  3. This looks yummy and so easy! I love to throw some chopped cherry tomatoes in my guac, with lots of garlic and onion powder and lime juice. I can't wait to try the basil!

  4. This is general how I make mine- SO good with the fresh ingredients! Perfect snack.

    Manda from Eat Cake

  5. Basil in guacamole is a brilliant idea! I like to add a scoop of freshly made pico de gallo and eat it with lime tortialla chips :)