alt nyc bound!

It's finally time for Alt Summit NYC! For nearly three months, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Thursday, June 20th. It has been a dream of mine to attend the festivities at their flagship conference in Salt Lake City, but NYC will have to do for now. I am counting the minutes until they open the doors of the Martha Stewart headquarters on Thursday morning! {It feels a lot like Christmas!}

{image credit: Daniel Schwen}

My outfits are planned and my business cards are at the ready. I am itching to see the magic they have in store! The speakers are absolutely out of this world and my fellow attendees are serious rockstars. I am more than a little nervous about being up to "par" with the Alt crowd, but I know I have to push my limits and take the leap. I feel like Alt will be the push I need to really make things happen!

If you're not there, don't worry! You can keep tabs on all the magic via Instagram and Twitter
The hashtags #altsummit and #altnyc are sure to be treasure troves of Alt Summit goodness.

If you are there, keep your eyes peeled for me--I'd love to meet you :) I'm the short girl with the big laugh!
Here is my "virtual" business card to continue our real-life and online friendship:
INSTAGRAM: @amv529   ||   TWITTER: @luvfromafar   ||   PINTEREST: @luvfromafar

I'll see you back here on Friday with to celebrate the first day of summer with #FridaysFancies! xoxo {av}


  1. Replies
    1. so so happy to have your friendly face there! xoxoxo

  2. Oh that's sounds super exciting!! I'm totally going to check instagram for some fun updates :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  3. ooh so fun! I am actually going to NYC this weekend for wedding dress shopping, I didn't realized that this was going on too! Maybe we will run into each other ;)
    Enter my current giveaway!

  4. Yay! the ladies of Just Us Gals Boston will be there too! Looking forward to it!

  5. oh i wish i could go! have a great time!