spring color inspiration.

Happy Spring! As a transplanted New Englander, there is so much joy in this particular change of season--even if it doesn't feel like spring today. In preparation for tomorrow's Friday's Fancies, I wanted to share a few patterns and colors that have been inspiring my latest purchases....

{floral pattern from Kate Spade}

I've never been a huge fan of pink or fuchsia, but the color is wearing on me. I even stepped outside my comfort zone and rented this dress for a wedding later this spring! Though I may not be able to pull off floral tops or pants, I'm hoping to find the perfect pair of floral footwear to help me integrate that trend. It goes without saying that stripes are on my list. They always are. Leave it to yellow, emerald, and mint to make me look totally undecided ;)

What colors or patterns are inspiring your purchases this spring?
I can't wait to see your spring wish lists tomorrow! xoxo {av}



  1. Add some polka dots in the mix and you have summed up my entire spring wardrobe!

  2. I love all of these patterns/colors for spring! They make me so happy!


  3. LOVE these! Like your aversion to pink, I've never been a big floral girl, but somehow that trend is appealing to even me this spring.

    In addition to your spring inspiration, we're loving anything black and white paired with a bright spring color. We did this yesterday with crimson here: http://www.theclassycubicle.com/2013/03/trend-alert.html


  4. I'm loving the idea of playing with polka dots and stripes this spring. Especially mixed together. Sometimes it's fun to go on a little limb of your comfort zone with clothes. After all if you hate it you can always just go change!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  5. fuchsia is the only shade of pink i wear.

  6. I'm all about the stripes right now! I love stripes paired with a floral pattern - my current obsession :)

  7. I"m going to try and embrace floral. But i live in stripes right now. Check out my current post. I'm doing a link up next thursday. HOpe to see you there.



  8. Your spring palette is looking kind of like mine. I've been drawn to pastels, like mint and lavender, this season. Pretty blue and white is a favorite too! I've got my wish list ready for tomorrow's Friday's Fancies. :)

  9. This is the prettiest picture I've ever seen :) I'm all about stripes and florals for spring! xo

  10. It definitely does not feel like spring in New England yet... as the snow just keeps falling! I escaped to DC yesterday and there was sunshine and temps over 50 degrees - it was suuuper nice to get a taste of the weather that is yet to come to these parts!