yay or nay: reflective sunglasses.

Last summer, I felt like the clock turned back to 1990 when reflective sunglasses were all the rage. I remember my dad telling me I wasn't allowed to have them because he couldn't see my eyes. My dreams were dashed until 1995, when those shiny sunnies disappeared from the scene. Last summer, I noticed reflective shades were making a valiant return...

from top:
Oliver Peoples Eyewear Braverman Sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs Colored Mirrored Glasses
Wildfox Couture Steff Mirror Frames
Basic Sunglasses Super Sunglasses
Oliver Peoples Eyewear Braverman Polarized Sunglasses
Wildfox Couture Popfox Mirror Frames

So, is this trend staying around long enough to make an investment in my own pair of reflective sunglasses? Or is it best to stick with the $10 pair? I defer to you, stylish readers! I'll see you back here for some pastel-filled Friday's Fancies at midnight! Have a great Thursday :)  xoxo {av}



  1. AV, I'm the senior copywriter for Sunglass Hut, and I can assure you, investing in a good pair of sunglasses (preferably with polarized lenses) is a must. The benefits to your eyes is SO worth it! Just as you protect your skin (and I love you for that!), it's imperative that you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. And, if you had any doubts about the mirrored trend... http://www.sunglasshut.com/us/trends/SP13Mirrored

  2. I have a pair of vintage reflective sunglasses from my mom, and I love them! I think they're so funky and add something extra to my outfits :D

  3. Reflective all the way! That way I can people-watch better...

  4. i adore the wildfox sunnies! they ray bans are fabulous as well!

  5. I think these are so cool, but I'm not sure if I'm "rockstar" enough to pull them off!

  6. I wouldn't wear them, but I think they look good on some other people! I stick to cheap sunglasses since they break and get scratched or lost so easily!

  7. I think reflective lenses are the ultimate in "cool". Think about reflective aviators-- what could possibly be cooler? I am into the trend for sure! (Even though I wear my basic Ray-Ban's every day of my life...)

  8. I think they can be really cute, but if I get some they'll definitely be a cheap pair since they are a very trendy style...actually what am I saying, I pretty much always buy cheap sunglasses because I am forever breaking or losing every pair of sunglasses I get, ha! xo

  9. I think I would go with a more lower end. I love the look but I feel like they are pretty harsh for everyday wear. Best to stick with a cheaper pair you won't feel sad doesn't get tons of wear.

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