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It's been nearly seven years since I first posted here at {long distance loving}. So much has changed in the blogging world in those years. So much has also changed in my world. I was freshly married with two cats when I penned my first post, which seems like a lifetime ago as my two little ones sleep upstairs. With that in mind, it's with great excitement I share my new home on the internet: ali-v.com.

You'll find some of your favorite posts from {long distance loving}, along with new content that is aligned with the lady I've become. If you have favorite posts from over the years, please tell me in the comments below (or via email). I am only moving the best content! I'm planning to keep this blog alive for posterity's sake, but any new content will appear there. I also welcome any topics you'd like me to explore in the coming months, as I finally surface after these foggy first years of motherhood.

You can sign up for my email newsletter to start receiving posts from my new blog from the get-go, along with Bloglovin which I will transfer when everything is all set. Thank you for making this blog such a safe place to share my hopes, fears, wishes, and joys. I hope you'll all join me as I make this transition -- and step forward. I owe you my sincere gratitude for ALL that you've given me... and I can't wait to give you more when my new site launches next month :)

All my love -- and see you on ali-v.com soon! Alison

P.S. I worked with Ready to Blog Designs on my new site -- she created my amazing logo and site! -- and I cannot wait to show you how it all came together. I truly hope you love it as much as I do.

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