#goodnights, every night.

This month, {cv} and I faced the dreaded four month sleep regression headfirst. With the exception of what I will affectionately refer to as the "daycare cough", {jv} is slowly but surely getting the concept that he sleeps in his room and we sleep in our room. When The National Sleep Foundation approached me to do a #GoodNights Spring Cleaning Challenge, I didn't hesitate for a second. With as much as we have been focused on our little one's sleep, it was time to pay attention to our own. 

I never struggled with sleep before the 38th week of pregnancy. I'll admit I was one of those lucky "head hits the pillow" sleepers. When baby {v} arrived, my sleeping world was rocked -- and I don't mean in the glider in our nursery. When we made it out of the fog of the first six weeks, I started paying closer attention to {jv}'s sleep but neglected my own.

Thankfully, the National Sleep Foundation came to my rescue. If anyone knows sleep, it's them. I did a little research before we began our "spring cleaning" and I learned so much about the importance of a good night of sleep. I loved these design tips and worked to employ many of them in our space. It makes perfect sense, but clutter is a subtle sign of chaos. Making a few adjustments to your nightstand can be particularly impactful. (Pro parent tip: we added a basket below each of our nightstands to collect the miscellaneous baby items which end up in our room.)

In looking to improve my sleep, I found out that much of what we were doing to help {jv} learn to sleep through the night would also work for us. I also made a concerted effort to stop using my phone after a set time; if I needed to use it, I made sure the brightness of my screen was dim. After this challenge, I determined my bedtime should be roughly 45 minutes earlier than I had previously been hitting the hay. I am no longer half the night owl that I was. Let me tell you: those extra 45 minutes of sleep are crucial when you're a working mom (or anyone!).

SOURCESStacked Crystal Glass Lamp - Exotic Angel PlantPlanter - Candle (no longer available, but similar here) - Rope + Glass Ball - Wicker Basket - Marble Coaster (DIY -- see more info here) - Nightstand (no longer available via West Elm) - Headboard - Bed Linens (no longer available via Matouk)

As an added benefit in this challenge, I received a few eye-opening products from PureCare and Exotic Angel. These National Sleep Foundation partners provide thoughtful solutions for better sleep. Before the #GoodNights challenge, I never thought to swap out our mattress or pillow protectors. Adding a bit of aromatherapy created a calm environment to ease into a deep sleep.  I loved that the lavender scent wasn't too overpowering, as it sometimes can be. The eucalyptus scent also helped with my intense seasonal allergies. All in all, this simple switch made a big difference.

Unfortunately, we couldn't keep the gorgeous Exotic Angel plants out at night -- or else our deep sleep was interrupted by curious kitties. Even still, they brought a burst of life in our tranquil space when they did grace our nightstands.

coral + grey bedroom.

Decluttering our nightstands and keeping technology at bay wasn't the easiest, but it definitely paid dividends in our sleep. While I know they're not 100% accurate, my Jawbone UP24 band showed a vast improvement in the soundness of my sleep at the conclusion of this challenge. (I'll take it!) I don't want to give it all away, so be sure to check out my post with Sleep.org for the results of my #GoodNights challenge. Regardless of your life stage, sleep is the cornerstone of health and happiness. Our nights may not be perfect with a baby in the house, but we are making the most of the quiet hours we do get ;) If you're spring cleaning, don't forget that your nighttime routine might need a little dusting too. xoxo {av}

P.S. The whole "sleep when the baby sleeps" thing is bogus. Am I right?

This post was sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation. On occasion, I will partner with brands and organizations to bring fresh and relevant content to {long distance loving}. I chose to partner with the National Sleep Foundation because sleep is such a crucial part of the first year of parenthood. All opinions are my own.


  1. Your bedroom is so beautiful! And you're right, getting a good night sleep is essential for anyone!

  2. Sleep is SO important! Speaking of Spring cleaning, I'm doing a May declutter challenge and would love for you to participate if you can! (I know doing additional things when you're a parent can be tough.) Details are here: http://www.feathersandstripes.com/2015/04/may-declutter-challenge.html


  3. Sweet kitty - is s/he a Maine Coon? I know our two Maine Coons are so interested in plants, we have to keep everything green in spots they can't jump up to :)
    I'm focusing on sleep too this spring, and so your post is very timely! As a nightowl bedtime has always been...flexible...but I'm trying to be more consistent!

  4. This space is so beautiful & calming - definitely set up for a great night's sleep!

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  6. Checking out blogs and couldn't resist your post - Love the kitty! Seriously, love the colors - the space is extremely relaxing.

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