life by the water is always better.

life by the water is always better, especially with a few best friends in tow.
{photo + text source: my Instagram}

This past Memorial Day weekend, we had the chance to really relax for the first time in what felt like forever. With the big news we shared last week still under wraps, it was wonderful to be surrounded by a small group of friends who knew our big secret. As goofy as that sounds, it is the absolute truth. 

Being an only child, I have always placed an enormous value on friendships. I am an all-in kind of girl. I ask lots of questions and really seek to know everything I can about the people I love. Living on our own little island in Rhode Island, I crave those phone calls and FaceTime sessions with my faraway friends. The visits are even more special: we stay up until the wee hours soaking up every minute. Over Memorial Day though, I put my "FOMO" to out to pasture and went to bed at a reasonable hour. My pregnant self couldn't keep up with the late nights! 

Moving into a new phase of life, I find myself cherishing each of my conversations. There won't always be serene walks or uninterrupted chat sessions, but I will still be taking time for the ones I love. For the next six months though, I will be making the most of the quiet ;) Many thanks again for all of your love and support. I have literally been smiling ear to ear since we shared the news. Thank you so much for putting that smile on my face. xoxo {av}


  1. I don't know if I've congratulated you yet, but congratulations my dear! This is such exciting news, and I'm so excited to follow along in this new season of your life. I definitely know what you mean about cherishing those friendships now - we don't know where we'll be in a few months or a few years, but we have now, and it's best to spend the now with people that we love. I hope you have an amazing summer, and that you get to cherish every single moment you have left with your family of (just) two! xoxo

  2. Belated congrats to you and your family! And I totally agree- life by the water really is better!

  3. 1. i had to google FOMO --- ha! im such an old lady
    2. i am SO happy for you and chris! you two are going to make wonderful parents
    3. you are such a good friend and the people you spend your time with are pretty lucky :) xoxo

  4. First of all, congratulations! Second, ever since I moved away 2 years ago I've been so appreciative of even the 10-15 minute phone calls with my best friends back home. It's so important for all of those connections to stay strong. :)