how I did it: 10,000 steps for 100 days.

how I did it: 10,000 steps for 100 days.

The second week of January, {cv} walked through the door with an exciting surprise: my very own Jawbone UP24. The first day of my 100-day quest was February 2nd. I didn't set out to break any records, but I wanted to challenge myself. By the end of February, I decided to keep it up through March. When I hit my 100th consecutive day in May, I realized there was a bit of science in hitting the 10k benchmark. I haven't talked about this little mission on the blog, so I decided it was finally time to share more about how I do it--and why I keep it up.

1) The real ticket to hitting 10,000 steps is planning out your day in advance. It seems simple, but I always think through my next day {and the time I will have available} the night before. If I have a busy night on the books, I go to bed earlier to ensure I can squeeze in my steps before I leave for work. If I have a busy morning, I carve out time before dinner to knock out my steps.

2) Believe it or not, I find that the weekends are toughest to hit the 10,000 mark. I have to be much more diligent to get out the door in the mornings before things get crazy. I generally find that I have to be active for an hour a day {either walking or running} to hit the 10k threshold. It may not always be intense cardio, but I'm definitely doing something.

3) You will get to know your neighborhood {or your gym's treadmill} in a way you've never known before. With the cold winter we had in New England, I logged more steps on the treadmill than I ever imagined possible. Once the weather turned this spring, I am almost exclusively outside--unless it is raining. I have fallen in love with the east side of Providence and let myself get lost on its quiet streets.  

4) I found out 51 days into my quest that I was pregnant. There were many {and I mean many} days when I would have much rather stayed on the couch in my first trimester, but I found the walking to be therapeutic. If I didn't have energy for anything else, I could still walk. I felt better knowing I was staying active in some capacity.

5) Running has not fallen completely off my radar. In this stage of pregnancy, I am running roughly every other day. I love my runs, though they feel a bit different these days. I've learned that running three miles does not equate to the same number of steps as walking three miles. Tacking on a mile or two of walking at the end of the run normally does the trick.

6) My walks always serve multiple purposes: I call friends and family, I walk to a nearby university to grab lunch, and I listen to my favorite tunes. Like I said on Tuesday, I am soaking up the quiet before my life changes for the better in December. {I also find myself excited for the days I will get to take these walks with baby {v} next year. I can't wait to share the smell of lilacs and peonies after a good spring rain. Heaven, I tell you.}

A few notes: I worked out 5-6 days a week before, so this was a relatively natural transition. It was the time commitment which took the most work, but you also need the proper equipment. There are plenty of pedometers out there, so it really is personal preference which one you choose. I love my Jawbone UP24 {the bluetooth capable band in their collection} because it tracks both my steps and my sleep. I could log my food as well, but I choose not to do so. Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you. I don't mind wearing a band on my wrist; others might like to be more discrete with a tracker hidden on their waistband.

Today marks my 124th consecutive day of 10,000 steps. I have heard many benefits in walking while pregnant, so I am going to keep it up as long as possible. I am rather competitive with myself and love the notifications that I'm hitting my steps. More than anything, I enjoy seeing a number north of 100% in my UP app. {Can you tell I was the girl who always did her extra credit in school?} With this many days behind me, I want to keep fighting the good fight. If you're on the fence about challenging yourself, take the plunge. You won't regret it. xoxo {av}

P.S. I am not a doctor and definitely consulted my physician before sticking to any exercise routine. 
My OB is behind my exercise plan, so speak to your health care provider before you begin a similar regimen. 
P.P.S. This post is not sponsored by Jawbone. I just love mine.


  1. Love this! It's inspiring. I think now that my work life is changing, I'm more interested in having a goal like this to attain. i.e. I will be able to get up and walk around if I've been sitting for longer than 30 mins.. at my job now.. not so much! Congrats on meeting your goal! xo

  2. Perfect timing! We are in our second week of our corporate challenge here at work, so we are all trying to get our 10,000 daily steps for 100 days. It's been fun around the office to see everyone walking more or taking the stairs. I had already gotten a fitbit for my husband and I to wear to motivate us before the challenge started, and I hope we keep it up after. I agree that it takes some planning to get in your steps, or I find myself having to walk around my living room late at night while watching my recorded shows to get my final steps in. My husband thinks I'm going to carve out a path in our house if I keep it up! hah

  3. wow good for you! i have a fitbit and found it shocking how little steps i walked when i had a day with no gym/phys activity. it def opens your eyes and encourages moving and working out more!

  4. It's amazing how little we can move unless we're making a conscious effort to do so - and I say we as the general public, not an active runner like you working out almost daily. I've had a big wake-up call with my fitness level {or lack thereof} because I transitioned from one job where I had time to work out daily and additionally almost had a forced workout in the afternoon when I was doing strength coaching, to a job where I have very little time to do anything but sit in the office. Fitness has had to become a priority, and I've started scheduling in my gym time on my office calendar so that no one will send me appointment requests that will take that away!

  5. I forget how good walking is for you. I've been trying to do a long walk on the days that I don't do a workout and it's great in so many ways. Thanks for this post!

  6. What a great post (as usual)! I am so excited for your upcoming bundle of joy and really appreciate how you are "soaking up the quiet," as you say. Those walks on quiet streets with the flowers really sound heavenly!

  7. I have a FitBit Flex and LOVE it! I might try this 100 day challenge soon.


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