happy hostess gifts.

happy hostess gifts for all budgets.

With summer finally on the horizon, it means plenty of summer weekend travel to visit friends and family. As always, my wheels started turning for fantastic host(ess) gifts. When we pay a visit to our nearest and dearest, I refuse to arrive empty-handed. Over the years, my hostess gifts have evolved. I tend to be on the constant search--rather than the last-minute hunt. Repeat visits to the same hostess also require an extra dose of creativity and thoughtfulness. The items above are just a few I might choose for a variety of hosts and hostesses with the "mostest". I like that many can be paired with other small items to create a basket of sorts or build on a theme from previous gifts. 

What is your favorite host(ess) gift to give (or receive)? For even more gift ideas, click here to check out my full round-up on Houzz. I hope these gift ideas inspire you to think beyond the bottle of wine--though that isn't all bad ;) xoxo {av}


  1. you ARE the hostess with the mostess! love love the frenchie sign :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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