a little bit of summer.

Somewhere along the line, the calendar turned to September. I'm still in denial, but fall will be here before we know it. Growing up in Indiana, I loved autumn. It was by far my favorite season. The leaves, the bonfires, the sweatshirts, the football games. Everything. I loved every minute. 

For most of the year, I can look past my homesickness, but something about fall makes me miss the quiet life in my hometown. Life in New England has me hanging onto every minute of summer--because fall signals an impending winter. When I first heard John Mayer sing Wildfire, this line in the song struck me to the core. As simple as it is, this line made me remember another summer will come around again...

{cv} and I pack so much into the summer months. Travel is more reliable {without snow in the forecast} and the days are longer. Whatever it is, I am learning to savor the craziness. The fall and winter months signal a quieter existence for us--and you won't find me complaining. I can still be homesick, but I need to soak in the beauty of fall in New England. There's no reason to dread it anymore.

What's your take on fall? What song do you have stuck in your head as of late?
This autumn, I'm going to keep the hope. After all, there's always next summer...
Thanks for that reminder, Mr. Mayer. Enjoy this short week! xoxo {av}


  1. Whenever anyone talks about summer ending, I always think of Wildfire. Such a perfect quote :) But I'm super excited for this humidity to go away so my runs are less gross and my hair gets back to its usual state!

  2. Summers are my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love fall too, but there's something about the warm summer air, longer days, more time outside... We had the best summer out here in the northwest this year. The sun just makes me ridiculously happy :)

  3. I miss fall. It's the one season I can never get enough of: beautiful leaves hanging overhead and crunching underfoot, the smell of hickory fires in the fireplace, cool breezes, sweaters and scarves and boots, football games and tailgating with friends, gray days that keep you from feel guilty about spending the afternoon inside with a cup of coffee and a book...it sounds funny, but now that I live in Hawaii, that's one thing I truly, truly miss. I'm looking forward to having a cold rainy day here so I can put on a sweater, put on my favorite fall tunes, and pretend.

  4. Oh I LOVE fall and winter in New England! It was so rainy in Boston this summer, I was happy to leave! I am now in Greece and sad that I am going to miss the apple picking and pumpkin everything. Enjoy it all to its fullest!