how to build a gallery wall.

We may not have a perfectly laid-out gallery wall, but I love it. Scenes from our life in DC and memories of wonderful vacations grace this space. It hold a few prints from my days as a 13-year-old art connoisseur on my European People to People adventure. My gorgeous grandparents even make an appearance. Best of all, it features the canvas of the gift {cv} and I serendipitously gave to one another. Did I measure out the wall before I hung each piece? No. Does it matter? Not a bit.

Truth be told, my gallery goodness pinterest board contains more than a few examples of perfectly aligned portrait walls. Does this look good? Yes. Is it attainable? Certainly. Is this the vision I've had in our current apartment? No. Some of the frames may be cock-eyed and other frames may not match, but I don't care.
I feel at home the minute I see this wall. Isn't that the point?

Here's my advice on how to build a {happy} gallery wall: save little pieces of your life along the way. Frame them. Those little moments are the ones you'll want to remember. While a beautifully assembled gallery wall is worth pinning, I wouldn't trade the one I pass each and every day.

If you have a gallery wall, what makes yours unique? xoxo {av}


  1. I love a good gallery wall! Can't wait to have my own place so I can create my own.

  2. Mine is in the early stages but for now, I have included some tiny shelves to go along with the frames. It adds a different element but I love the final look.

  3. I am hanging mine today! I chose not to have too many family pictures but my favorite piece is my oversized poster of the french Rivera from the 60s that was passed down from my great aunt!

  4. Such a great idea! I really want to do this once we settle down in Charlotte. Gotta make sure we start framing all these great photos we are collecting over the years.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  5. I love the different frames and the gold (or is it bronze?) V! Gallery walls with too much uniformity are boring...


  6. Gallery walls are such a project, but I think it really does help to have a leveler and maybe lay things out on the floor before you start. Something to help you dream it all up and make sure the order is right, you know?


    1. A level and a layout are great for a one-time build, except this gallery wall has been growing since 2009! When we move next, I'm sure there will be more organization--but for now, this works beautifully for us :) xoxo {av}

  7. I think perfectly imperfect is the best type of decorating! :)

  8. ive been on the go to start creating our gallery wall! adding as you go is hard stuff. i can not wait for it to be done and come together! yours is truly lovely.

  9. I completely agree!! My husband and I have a gallery wall above our bed, and it is entirely made up of things that we love and have collected over time, and it's not measured out perfectly... neither of us care. For me, it is home. :) One of my January goals is to complete the one in the Living Room!