blue ribbon beauties.

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Back home in Indiana, the last Wednesday of July always falls during the county fair. 
For most of you city folk, the county fair is just a place to people watch and eat fried food. 
{I will admit that I definitely partake in both when I attend, don't worry.} For me, 
the county fair represents a little slice of Americana that will forever be a part of me. 

Why you ask? I participated in 4H for 12 years! The fair was the big "shindig' where we 
showed off all the hard work we put into our projects any given summer. I did a lot of 
projects which sound goofy in retrospect {hello gift wrapping!}, but I will say that many of 
the skills I learned in 4H are still with me today. Not only did I learn how to manage my time, 
I discovered my passion for photography, design, and creative writing and really cultivated my
craftiness. It may sound like something country bumpkins do, but 4H really is pretty fabulous :)

{little old me posing with my photography project in my pre-{av} days at my final state fair as a 4Her in 2004}

Today's post was most definitely inspired by the blue ribbons being handed out back 
in Jackson County, Indiana this week :) {and you know I love that rich cobalt hue!}

So...tell me:
Which of those blue ribbon beauties is your favorite?
What experience from your youth helped shape you?

Have a fantastic Wednesday! xoxo {av}

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  1. Love this post and those cobalt flats!

  2. My favorite color!!! I love every piece.

  3. Love the TB flats and the gorgeous earrings! I am registering today after I get my act together, can't wait!! xo

  4. more beautiful earrings! and that bracelet is so cute!

  5. i need that love bracelet! i also love this post. i can't answer your 2nd question, because there are too many things to choose from. ;)

  6. My hometown's fair was definitely the highlight of the year with the best(bad for you food) growing up. I definitely miss going each year! My favorite have to be those gorgeous earrings. Such a perfect color!

  7. we didn't have 4H, but i definitely was a science fair nerd. and debate team. and drama geek. sadly, i could keep going, but i totally agree - those experiences helped me develop skills and learn what i like/what i'm good at.

    also LOVE those earrings.


  8. I love the little love bracelet. You are so creative in your posts. You surprise me everyday!

    When I was growing up I swam. I started summer swimming when i was 6 and started swimming year round when I was 10. I swam all through middle school and high school with 5:45 AM practices 3 days a week, everyday until 6 after school, and Saturday mornings. It taught me discipline, the necessity of hard work, how to set achievable goals, and the importance of a team. It also helped me stay in good shape and out of trouble. :)

    So cool that you did 4H and learned all of that from it. I don't know much about the program because my school didn't have it.

  9. this was so cute! i was a girl scout when i was little. i don't think it really helped shape me - i was just in it for the cookies! :)
    i love the blue and the idea of a county fair. it's not a northeastern thing. the flats especially are so beautiful!

  10. I think those earrings are my fave. I love the cobalt trend. I found some really gorgeous pointed cobalt ballet flats at Zara's website that I may just have to check out in person next time I'm near a store.

    I definitely do not think 4H is for bumpkins. I never did it myself but my high school (with 3000+ ppl) had a huge 4H program and I loved going out to the barns on campus and visiting all the animals.

  11. We didn't have 4H but that's San Francisco for you.

    Love the blue Tory Burch flats!

  12. Gosh, loving all of these blue items...specifically the flats and earrings!

  13. I always kinda wanted to do 4H but never go you! ;) Also my fave blue ribbon beauties (I have two) are the #1 earrings and #6 necklace! Great picks!!

  14. I love the color! The earrings are my favorite! I never did 4H but rode horses for a long time when I was younger but had to stop in the middle of high school. It definitely helped build my confidence early on.


  15. I wasn't a 4H kid, but I DID spend two summers in a choir that performs all around the Ohio State Fair. I lived in dorms on the fairgrounds for three weeks both summers! Fairs will always hold a special place in my heart.

  16. ah I don't know what piece I want the most?? The bracelet? The clutch??

  17. I've been missing county fairs like no one's business lately-they're not nearly as well liked in San Francisco as you'd think!

  18. Ah, state fair time is definitely approaching here, too! Gotta agree about cobalt; it's so lovely--especially on those flats.

  19. Those earrings and bracelet are so fab. I need them in my jewelry box. :) great post.

  20. I have those Tory Burch flats in bronze and they're really great. Totally comfortable and really easy to wear. I love them in cobalt, too.

  21. I want that bracelet! Those earrings are gorgeous.

    I did 4H, too! It was something that I did with my grandmother. I have very fond memories of our time we spent together.

    P.S. You have not aged a bit! Not that you are old and should be aged, but you still look like the same.

  22. I love the drop earrings!

    Yeah, 4H! I was a 14 year member. It totally helped shape me into the person I am now. I developed my love for photography, cake decorating, baking, and all around craftiness through 4H. Not gonna lie, I loved those purple ribbons more than the blue. :)

  23. Love cobalt! My sister was in 4H and I remember being so jealous of her, lol. I need those Tory Burch Eddie Flats in this color! :)

    xo lamb loves