seasonal strategy for your blog.

Sure, the holiday season is a great time to earn money (people are spending it after all!), but is that truly why you published your first post? Take a step back to really think about why it is you blog and this will help you develop a solid seasonal strategy for your little corner of the internet.

Last year, I took a new approach to holiday blogging: I blogged when I felt like blogging. Truth be told, I carried this strategy over into 2014 -- and I've never been a happier blogger. Could I have grown more over the course of the last year? Absolutely! However, taking a step back helped me realize that my readers aren't spending hours devouring blogs during the hectic holiday season. I also learned that creating content just for the sake of creating content was a waste of my time -- as well as my readers. The quality over quantity theme was my biggest blogging takeaway from 2014.

One important thing that the last four years of blogging has taught me is this: if what I'm spending my time creating isn't helping someone else (or helping me!), it's not worth it. As morbid as it sounds, we only have so many days on this earth -- and spending time creating 20 gift guides between now and Christmas may make you a few bucks, but it may also make you miserable (and who wants to be miserable during the holidays?!). 

Another big example of content management would be to spread out your posts -- or the content in them. Case in point: today's super festive event! While doing a general post on the day with a million pictures isn't a bad thing, picture overload can sometimes translate to a quickly closed browser. (It's harsh but true.) Think about spreading out the content over the course of a week -- or even sharing one post a week about the event for a month. Your readers are less likely to tire of hearing about it and you're more likely to be proud of the posts you share. They won't be rushed; they'll be thoughtful and timely for the holiday season! 

Of course, you should take everything I say with a grain of salt -- you are ultimately the captain of your ship! I am simply advocating for blogging which brings you (and your readers) joy. Remember: your time is valuable and you deserve to make the most of it!

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