a second time mom's guide to the first four weeks.

a second-time mom's guide to the first four weeks -- @luvfromafar

It's been six weeks since Rosie graced us with her presence. (Insert all the cliché comments about how fast time is going... because it is positively FLYING.) Since this was my second rodeo with a newborn, I thought it might be useful to share what products I used with Rose that I didn't know about with James. For reference, here was my survival guide to the first four weeks after I had James. Much of what I mentioned was still in heavy rotation this time. I won't "reshare" the items from that first post, but I will share the new ones which we added to the mix. Take a peek!

WaterWipes have been the only real change we made to our diaper routine. (We are Honest subscribers; we have been since James was born. The sweet women who work at our daycare even comment on how well they work!) I love the WaterWipes because they work well with newborn diapers. Without getting too graphic, I like that they clean up wet messes without much fuss. I still like the Honest wipes for older kiddos like James, but these are a great alternative for little bums.

While I could classify this as a miscellaneous item, this portable (and no plug required) LED lamp has worked wonders during late-night nursing and diaper changing sessions. It charges with a USB cord, but I haven't had to charge it yet! It allows you to dim or strengthen the light, without going too strong to wake the baby or your partner unnecessarily. I didn't have one with James and wish I had thought to buy one! I also like this headlamp, if you'd rather be hands-free. (It's also great for power outages, speaking from experience. ha!)

Having babies in opposite seasons has been an eye-opening experience. James was a winter baby and Rosie is a summer baby. I only wish I had discovered the Milk Snob cover before James was born. I had a few other covers that we used with James (this one from aden by aden + anais and the Carseat Canopy they send for free when you shop at A Pea in the Pod) that I still like, but the Milk Snob has multiple uses. I use it as a nursing cover, as well as an infant seat cover. It keeps those peering eyes from slowing down your grocery trip. (Truth: when you have a baby, everyone wants to get a peek! It's a kind thing, but when you only have ten minutes to get in and out of the store, your time is precious.) I love it's functionality for both: it provides full coverage for nursing and doesn't blow up when covering the infant seat. While I'm not as worried about keeping Rosie warm (like I was with James in the winter), I like knowing this adaptable cover will work in all seasons.

The Cloud B Gentle Giraffe was a gift to Rosie from a dear family friend. We had something similar with James, but it is nice for her to have some of her own things. (#secondchildproblems) Rose seems to benefit much more from white noise than James did. With its velcro straps, it easily attaches to her infant seat or her stroller. I don't even notice the noise anymore. (#tiredmomproblems) We only use it when we are out and about, but it is a lifesaver because Rosie has decided she doesn't like pacifiers. No one notices the white noise when we're in a crowded space -- and it keeps everyone around us happy.

My love for KicKee Pants runs deep. If we are at home (and even if we are running errands), Rose is in one of their footies 90% of the time. Their footies (aka sleepers) are made from the most wonderfully soft bamboo-based fabric, which keep her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The little mitts to cover her knife-like newborn nails are also magical. Their sale section is often packed with some great deals, but I promise it is worth investing in a few of these. If you're not a fan of footies, their coveralls are also a great option. I also love their swaddles, made from the same super soft material. You cannot go wrong with any KicKee!

As most mothers and fathers do, I worry about "flat head".  I did some research and discovered the Babymoov Lovenest. I like that it holds Rosie's head in place when she is laying in her Moses basket or the bassinet in her stroller. This could be a bit gimmicky, but I appreciate the idea behind it. Is it necessary? Not exactly, but it does provide a little peace of mind. (As an aside, she received a great report on head shape at her last pediatrician's appointment. I can't give the Lovenest credit, but I can say it makes me feel just a little better.)

Some sweet friends of ours gifted Rosie the adorable rosy hooded towel and washcloth set, made by Little Unicorn. (Anthropologie has two gorgeous options available on their site!) It is made to grow with your little one from infancy through their first few years. Its beauty and functionality make bath time better each time.

These Kyte washcloths have been a little luxury at bath time. If you're looking for a little add-on to a shower gift, these would be a perfect choice. They're ridiculously soft and work well on a newborn's sensitive skin.

As if we didn't have enough baby seats, I added one more to the mix when Rose arrived: the Boppy Newborn Lounger. This $30 pillow is not a Boppy to be used for breastfeeding; it is simply a soft pillow which gives baby an easy place to hang out. I don't often use it when our rambunctious  19-month old running around, but it is great in the afternoons and evenings when she is alert and wants to see more than just the ceiling. It has the perfect amount of incline to keep her comfortable and allows me the opportunity to be hands-free for a moment.
In the app department, I left BabyConnect behind and moved on to Glow Baby for tracking feeds and diapers. It is a much more visually appealing app, which is a trivial reason why I like it so much. I am not tracking everything as much as I did with James, but it is handy to help me space out my day. This ensures Rosie is not screaming of hunger when I need to go pick him up from daycare. 

I didn't mention it last time, but we have used our 4moms Breeze Playard as a "changing table" of sorts when we are downstairs (so we're not running up and down the stairs all day). Rosie also hangs out there during James' dinner time, if I'm not nursing and flipping quesadillas at the same time. (This has happened.) I like the bassinet because it covers the full footprint of the playard, not just one side. It packs up quickly and easily, though it is kind of heavy. It gets my seal of approval.

Phew! I'll stop babbling now. As with everything baby related, everything is based on personal preference. The products included in this guide (and the guide I published previously) all served us well at one point or another. Nothing in this guide was sponsored, though some were received as gifts from our kind (and extremely generous) friends and family. Do you have any other products that you couldn't live without during those early newborn days? I'm all ears -- and I'm sure your fellow readers would be too! xoxo {av}

P.S. Need a newborn fix? Check out a few of the sweet photos my dear friend, Bree Hester, took back when Rosie was just shy of two weeks old. I will always treasure these beautiful photos of my tiny little one, though I may need to look at the date stamp because she looks so much like her brother ;)

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