a big update.

our little family on the beach in Hilton Head

Happy 2016! I can't believe we've turned the calendar to another new year. Everyone says that the years tick by the older you get, but I don't think I believed them until now. I feel like I'm in a constant whirlwind these days, which is likely why you haven't heard as much from me in recent months. There's also another reason... 

In case you missed it on Instagram last week, we shared some big news: we are expecting baby {v} #2 in early June! We cannot thank you enough for all the sweet comments and thoughts you've sent our way since we broke the news. I am almost halfway through this pregnancy -- and time doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Since I know you're doing the math in your head, I'll do it for you: there will be 18 months between the {v} crew. We know we're in for a challenge, but we are more than up for it. {cv} and I are so grateful to be given this chance to expand our family, especially after the loss we experienced prior to {jv}. We have our anatomy scan this week, so time is ticking along. Some people may think we're crazy, but we are waiting to find out the gender until I deliver -- just like we did with {jv}. It's the best surprise {cv} and I have ever experienced, so we definitely want to experience it that way again. For those who are interested, I'll give a bit more color on this second pregnancy in an upcoming post (one thing I've committed to doing more of in 2016).

a little bedhead after nap time

Mr. Blue Eyes is 13 months old this week. I'll never be able to tell you where those months have gone. It feels like a blink. He is growing like a weed, babbling up a storm, and keeping us busy from 6:30am (if he's nice) until 7:45pm (if he can even make it that late). {jv} doesn't walk anywhere: he runs! This makes his long distance running mama very happy, although having a baby on board can make some days feel like a marathon ;)

FYI: I have a slew of posts in my drafts about {jv}, but I don't want to turn into a full blown mommy blog. If you have specific questions, please email me or comment below -- and I'd love to tailor what you're seeing here to what you need!

back in the South -- and no, we're not moving back with the volume of bags

I can't claim to be a seasoned traveler with a child in tow just yet, but we are making strides toward getting our old wings back. This photo may look like nothing special, but it is: my husband is a serious rock star -- and I don't tell him that nearly enough. Here is {cv}... wearing a car seat and dragging two enormous suitcases, without complaining once. I always get nostalgic for our long distance days when we fly through Charlotte (since that was the hub of our three years apart), but seeing him in this new role in that old soft spot brought all the feels. I may have to frame this one.

taken in my best friend's gorgeous home in Charlotte

I know this has been a pretty random update, but my head is spinning with everything I want to share in this new year. I don't know how some bloggers manage to post daily when they have little ones in their arms or at their feet, but I will learn to juggle it all one day. Today is not yet that day ;) If you want more timely updates, Instagram and Snapchat are the best ways to find me -- I'm @ali_vinciguerra on both platforms. Thank you again for sticking with me -- through thick and thin. xoxo {av}

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  1. Congrats!! Mine are 16 months a part- it's a lot of crazy but a whole lot of fun!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Such exciting news!

  3. yay!! the happiest news :) so happy for you, chris and james! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Congratulations on your new addition!

  5. Congratulations on your new addition!

  6. Congrats, Ali! And Happy New Year :) 2016 will be a great one...always enjoy seeing your like updates on Instagram even when you aren't posting on the blog! xox

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