nursery needs.

True life confession: {jv}'s nursery is still not done and he is three months old. There, I said it. While many mothers share their nurseries before their little ones arrive, we didn't have that same luxury. With the move into our house just before {jv} arrived, I opted for a wait-and-see mentality. Finding out the gender of baby {v} on delivery day was one of life's best surprises, but it did make baby prep a bit more difficult.

While I enjoyed buying gender neutral clothes, I will admit defeat when making decisions about the nursery. I committed to a few pieces which could be easily shared like the crib and glider, but I held off on nearly everything else. (As a funny aside, I did find a navy blue campaign dresser on Craig's List -- and bought it without a second thought. It may have been mother's intuition, but I decided navy was a neutral.)

Once {jv} arrived, I knew the direction I wanted to take the nursery immediately: grey throughout with healthy doses of red, white, and blue. A few years ago, I found an antique American flag (seen here) while decorating our last apartment. The flag used to hang proudly in our dining room, but I was having a hard time finding the right place to display it in our new house. A lightbulb went off when I realized it would be perfect behind his crib. It served as the anchor for the rest of the room -- and paired perfectly with the navy dresser I preemptively purchased last fall. I am now on the hunt for a few final goodies to complete the nursery. The items below are high on my wish list...

clock: this clock is a necessity for practical reasons -- when I breastfeed, I like to keep track of how much time {jv} spends on one side or the other and this would be a simple solution when I don't have my phone.

custom art print: I have a weird obsession with stamps (evidenced by our wedding invitations), so this print caught my eye in a flash. Minted is offering 15% off sitewide through Monday, March 16th, so I may finally pull the trigger on this one...

handpainted globe: it is very difficult to classify this beauty as a "need", but {cv} and I had a funny moment on our first date that involved the topic of globes. (While perusing a Brookstone, I saw an interactive globe and excitedly confessed my love of globes. {cv} told me I was destined to have nerdy children. See the full circle here?)

hinged hanging picture frame: this frame would be perfect to display some of {jv}'s masterpieces down the road. For now, it would be great for special mementos from his first year.

stuffed animal: chosen mostly for his color, this handsome elephant would be perfect for display or fun ;)

whale bookends: these are definitely not in my budget, but they would be so cute holding up a few colorful children's books.

white toy box: from what I'm told, there is no such thing as too much toy storage. I love the simplicity of this toy box. Long after {jv}'s nursery days are gone, this piece would still be in use for storage (or seating).

Aren't some of those goodies so dreamy? I only wish my budget made room for them all. I promise photos of the nursery when it is finally done -- hopefully sooner rather than later ;) Do you have any other favorite shops or sources for nursery knick-knacks? xoxo {av}

P.S. If you had any magical sources for great curtains or window treatments (preferably blackout!), I would be forever grateful if you shared them below!


  1. I've actually bought some great blackout curtains on Amazon (the land of everything you could ever need)!

  2. that customizable stamp is adorable!

  3. You KNOW I was all about navy as a neutral ;-) But... I also had a feeling it was a boy!