the best $32.50 you'll spend all winter.

After the cold weather started to rear its ugly head in the past few weeks, I found myself digging around for all my winter weather gear. With four New England winters under my belt, I feel a bit more prepared for the inevitable chill. I've always preferred mittens, but with the advent of smart phones, mittens weren't ideal for answering texts or following that blue dot on Google Maps. 

Cue the glitten--a combination of a glove and a mitten. Trust me--it's nothing all that new, but I just finally joined the glitten club last week. After I scored a pair of these $32.50 beauties (on sale!), I knew my perpetually cold winter hands would never be the same. I've passed on similar gloves for years, but I'm kicking myself for not taking the plunge any sooner. These glittens from J.Crew will certainly be the best money you'll spend all winter.** Say sayonara to those smart touch gloves (because those never really worked anyway)--and treat yourself to glittens.

Want to take the glitten plunge? Here are a few other options (across the price spectrum) if you want to stay cozy with me this winter. What other cold-weather gear is a must for you? xoxo {av}

**Note: "the best" may be an exaggeration, but my warm and cozy fingers would tell you otherwise ;)


  1. Glittens are so so good! I lost my favorite J.Crew pair, so thanks for the shopping reminder ;) xx

  2. These look great! I had a pair in high school that were so trusty, but I've since been wearing leather gloves because I drive a fair amount or regular mittens because my hands just get too cold.


  3. super cute. love the gray ones! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I've actually never seen glittens before, but they are the cutest! LOVE them!

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  5. I love these! I have a really old pair that are too big and falling apart. I think I need to get these! They come in handy when talking the dog out for a walk.

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