bachelorette party planning.

A few months ago, my sweet sister-in-law, {kv}, gave me the honor of being her matron-of-honor. With her bachelorette party rapidly approaching, I really want to make it special! Since she isn't a blogger, I can share my ideas and ask your opinions without blowing any major surprises ;) yay!

...the thoughts behind the photos...
--I love the idea of making lipstick a central's classy and feminine. 
Wouldn't it be fun for us to make a print with our kisses for {kv} to keep? 
--A goodie bag/box is an absolute must. I just need to narrow down the contents...
--Instead of the number photo display, I want to do it with her new initials! 

This is where you come in: have you been to a great bachelorette party? What made it so great!?
How do you keep it fun for everyone involved--including ladies with a bun in the oven?
Many thanks {in advance} for being such an amazing wealth of info! xoxo {av}
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  1. I have to help plan my cousin's bachelorette party this spring and I'm so excited!

  2. I love that idea of giving her a frame with your kisses! So cute and I love the look!

  3. Drag Shows! It's the right amount of silliness without being too much and they are always tons of fun! One of my good friends took her sister to one during her bachelorette and it allowed up to dress up be silly!

    The best part of bachelorette parties are the stories you get to share, this summer I was a bridesmaid for my best friend and during her party each girl went around and told a funny story about how we knew the bride. We got to hear some good stories and it shared the bride's great personality.

    Happy Planning!

  4. I love your idea with lipstick! You can have everyone wear a red or dark pink shade to the party too! I always love a shower that is centered around a theme or color scheme. And it's always nice for the guest of honor to have a special take home to remind her of the event. Great ideas!

  5. Your ideas are soooo fun & cute.....good luck with the party & glad to have found your great blog!


  6. I love your idea of using lipstick as a theme! I have some fun game ideas on Ultimate Bridesmaid—the fiance quiz is my favorite.

  7. I've never been to a Bachelorette party but I'm supposed to be planning one soon - yikes!

  8. I'm planning my friend's bachelorette party for this summer. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the lipstick theme! SO cute, and a fun way to make everyone feel glamorous. I've been to a few bachelorette parties in the past, and one thing they all have in common is a type of scavenger hunt (have a stranger buy you a shot, rub a bald guy's head, etc.). In my opinion, these scavenger hunts sometimes feel forced/can make the bachelorette feel uncofortable/excludes some guests who don't like that type of fun/encourage sloppy drunkeness/etc. I'm ALL about having a good time, but I think it can be done in a little bit of a classier way :). A fun idea is to create a list of funny, sweet, and embarrassing questions about the bride and get the groom's answers before then. Then, have everyone (including the bachelorette) try to guess the answers to the questions. A lingerie shower is always fun, too! A lot of times, dinner, drinks, dessert, and dancing are the best way to go :)

  10. Ok, those lipstick favors are SO CUTE. These are some adorable ideas!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  11. Well, you know that I am definitely on board with the lipstick theme!! I popped over to LIBB and left you a little note! xx

  12. How fun! I love the initials idea.. I did an 80 for my grandpa's bday earlier this year.

  13. mine was a lot of fun - your typical bach party. a friend let us all stay at her house so we could afford to do the limo thing which i loved. we played a few games and ate dinner in and then went out for the night. not everyone is a fan of the scavenger hunt but my friends made me a shirt with the hunt on it that someone carried around and checked off as i did things.

    for ladies with a bun in the oven - for my friend chrissy, we actually did a spa day where we got fish pedicures and then went out to dinner for tapas. they had a set menu for us which made it easy. no ladies were preggers but it was a lot of fun.

    for other friends, before going out to dance, we went to a family style italian place which was really good. we were serenaded by the waiter at one point.

    honestly though, i really think it has to do with the personality of the bride and what she would like. LOVE the lipstick theme!

  14. The lipstick is super cute! For my bachelorette party, my MOH did a game where she asked my then-fiance a myriad of questions about him/me/us/our relationship. Then, I had to guess what he said. Ours was a drinking game, but you could easily modify it with other prizes for correct answers or penalties for wrong ones. It was so fun and so personal that I absolutely loved it!

  15. I loved my bach party! One of my bridesmaids did an itinerary, and it was so pretty and me. They also did painted wine glasses for everyone that were fun to drink out of in the room. Here is a link to my recap of mine, just for ideas.

  16. Lipstick is a really great theme! Haha, the only one I've ever been to was just spa themed, but it was nice. :)

  17. The best bachelorette party I ever went to was just a simple girls weekend away on the cape -- no crazy bars, just good old fashioned girl talk and wine!

  18. Those are such ideas and I love the theme!
    I like sticking to the theme as best I can when I throw a party - so everything lipstick (games, favors, red or pink food and drinks) - it's so much fun!! Try make it unique to the bride to be too!

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